Mentoring Program

At PPS we understand the difference between the concept of PICK training and that of creating experienced PICK users and developers. “Training” usually consists of a week-long process in a classroom environment where an instructor lectures on the theories, operations and rules of the PICK operating system. While this concept may be good for teaching basic principals, it does not provide hands on experience with actual project development and system maintenance. Consequently, “trained” personnel often find themselves at a loss when faced with real work scenarios.

PPS is committed to instilling PICK concepts and creating solid development teams. We also realize the importance of transferring true skills to team members in the shortest amount of time possible. Your team members in current and future project development projects then use these skills. In order to do this, PPS has developed a mentoring program which joins client staff members with one of our PICK experts, who together work on the client’s actual projects.

Our mentoring program combines the best of traditional training programs with the PICK experience of a senior consultant whose focus is intent upon bringing self-sufficiency to the client. Furthermore, this is not done in a classroom setting, but onsite, working on actual projects. Not only does the client become proficient in PICK, but also required projects are completed in the process.

The mentoring program is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual client. In each case, PPS invests a considerable amount of effort working with the client to develop the best program for mentoring its personnel. The resulting relationship between mentor and a client’s programming staff has long reaching benefits. In the future, the client’s development team will always have a friend to call upon when PICK related problems or questions arise.